Changes introduced in Civil services examination have increased the importance and significance of Current Affairs. Most of the questions asked in recent years question papers prove it.

In tune with the demand of current affairs, we came up with Samiksha magazine which covers all the relevant content from all the important newspapers and magazines for civil services examination.

We strive to read, research, brainstorm, think, write, edit material (articles, current affairs, preparation strategies, mock papers, subject supplements, miscellaneous preparation inputs) tuned toCSE preparation at various levels—Preliminary, Mains and Personality Test. There is no scarcity of material for the CSE preparation; you are swimming (read drowning) in information already. There is a scarcity, however, of the right material and more importantly of the right intention in publications. We have an in-house team of aspirants and experts who apply their
minds to figuring out UPSC’s. Quality control, examination application, exhaustive information in plain English and dedicated team for research are some of our ingredients to produce a companion for thorough examination preparation.

We want to follow the UPSC in letter, mind, spirit and provide the students with the best study material directly relevant and useful for the examination.