Answer Writing Practice For Upsc

Abhyasa is a programme meticulously designed to the demand of the UPSC civil services examination. What is that demand mentioned above? In simple words the demand is practice, i.e. Answer Writing Practice For Upsc. Yes, Practice!!! By carefully analyzing last 5-year Question papers for both Prelims & mains gives us the big picture that how much you study doesn’t matter unless you put what you studied on paper in the examination hall. All the toppers from last 5 years said that practice is must and inevitable.

answer writing practice for upsc
Ias Mains Answer Writing Practice

In the Preliminary examination, the competition is very high making it a tough nut to crack. Every question you answer will make you in or out of the race..!

In the mains examination, it all boils down to the effective presentation of your answers. The Answer writing practice, thus, holds a key to your success.

Upsc Mains Answer Writing Tips

The UPSC Mains Question paper clearly states ‘Answer should not be more than 200-250 words’. Each GS Mains paper consists around 20 questions. Answer Writing Practice For Upsc helps you a lot and we make this process simple through abhyasa program. It is to which the aspirants should attempt within the given duration of 3 hours and in order to finish the entire question paper, it’s advisable to write answers in a lesser number of words and approximately spend at least 7 minutes in answering each question. But, most often than not aspirants are not able to finish the question paper because of lack of time, lack of practice, lack of instant thoughts on a specific topic. This is where answer writing practice is indispensable for your success.

Sample Answers For Upsc Mains

It is crucial for the aspirants to develop the habit of answer writing practice and follow it religiously.
Abhyasa programme which is meticulously designed to the demand of the UPSC civil services examination covers the following-

  • Daily Tests (10 Prelims (MCQs) + 1 Mains (Descriptive)) which covers the topics that discussed in the class last day.
  • Weekly Tests (20 Prelims (MCQs) + 2 Mains (Descriptive)) which covers the topics that discussed in the class last week.
  • Fortnightly Tests (30 Prelims (MCQs) + 3 Mains (Descriptive)) which covers the topics that discussed in the class last 15 days.
  • Monthly Tests (50 Prelims (MCQs) + 5 Mains (Descriptive)) which covers the topics that discussed in the class last month.

Note: Every test will be evaluated and discussed on the next day of the test by the faculty.

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