Prelims 2018: Crash Course

about the course

Prelims 2018: Crash Course

  • It is an intensive revision course.
  • It is a programme to make an aspirant to stick to the schedule and be disciplined for next 3 months.
  • Daily there will be brief discussion on the topics listed and the next day 30MCQs test to evaluate the topic understanding and to improve upon it.
  • Test Series exam on every sunday in synchronous to the topics discussed in that week.
  • A Week Plan:
  1. Monday to Friday - Discussion Classes
  2. Monday to Friday - Daily Tests(30Q),
  3. Saturday - Revision Day(No class or Test)
  4. Sunday - Full length Test(100MCQs) on the Topics covered from monday to friday



What you will learn


  • Understanding the topic in prelims perspective.
  • Special focus on the topics which UPSC generally touching repeatedly.
  • How to answer a prelims question Logically if not through memorising the content. It is very important, since memorising all the content is next to impossible.
  • Habituating the writing of prelims type exams.
  • Special emphacis on ecology, environment and Biodiversity Topics. Since these topics are more important for prelims than Mains as Prelims exam is common for both IAS and IFos Services even though Mains Exams are different.
  • Last one year current affairs be revised, so that one can take note of what type of current issues are important for prelims(Not every current issue is important).


  • Current Affairs Notes will be provided to quickly revise multiple times before going to the exam.
  • By the end of this programme each aspirant will practice almost 3350MCQs. In way effectively practicing all these questions June 3rd Prelims exam will be a cakewalk for an aspirant.
For Complete Schedule  of the programme Click the below link.

About Instructor

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No.1 Faculty from Delhi, Author of Modern India - Tata McGraw Hill

Subjects: Modern Indian History, Post - Independence Indian Developments

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9 yrs of exp in Teaching Economy & Geography

Subjects: Indian Economy, World and Indian Geography

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Prominent Faculty In Delhi & Bangalore

Subjects: World geography, Indian geography, Ecology, Environment and Biodiversity, Science and Technology, Geography (Optional)

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Prominent Faculty In Delhi & Bangalore

Subjects: Ancient and Medieval History, Indian Art and Culture, World History

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MBBS, Prominent Faculty In Delhi & Bangalore

Subjects: Science and Technology, Ecology, Environment and Biodiversity

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D.M. Ravi Kumar

Prominent Faculty in Delhi and Bengaluru

Subjects: Indian Polity and Governance, Public Administration (Optional)

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