Is coaching a must to crack the IAS exam?

Need for Coaching: Why Coaching?

Prior to the pattern change in 2013, UPSC used to test knowledge of the students. There were two optionals and the weightage of GS was only 1/3rd. Moreover, the questions were straight forward, required you to write 600 words (for 60 marks) and tested your in-depth knowledge about the subjects and you were supposed to write 5 questions in all. Note: we, analog ias institute ashok nagar is the main branch, if you stay in hyderabad, visit the place once.

But after 2013, UPSC shifted to asking analytical questions which test your understanding and articulation, your ability to analyse issues from different angles, and that too in only 200 words (~20–25 Qs for 250 Marks).

Moreover, the questions asked by UPSC these days are so dynamic, that they cannot be prepared by relying on only books and material. They require deep inter linkages between multiple topics of the same subject as well as between subjects in some cases. Analog provides best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad. Do not miss the rank by preparing yourself without proper strategy. You have to read a lot, form your own opinion about issues, understand topics and their inter linkages and you have to do all this by yourself.

In this context, the aspirants face the following issues:

  1. You tried yourself to understand but did not get complete picture.
  2. You started studying and after sometime get confused whether it is right material or not, is this sufficient to qualify the exam, am I covering everything?
  3. You do not know what to read and what not to read. Read the analog ias new batches section in analog institute website whether you can join now with us or you have some time to wait.

All the above three issues can be addressed by Coaching. Coaching institutes fraternity knows it well that what is necessary to study or what is not necessary. From their long experiences, they have a clear vision of trends and that’s why they take just 8-9 months to finish the stuff which otherwise will take 2–2.5 years. It helps you cover the entire syllabus within the stipulated time. So, to run on the clear defined path to reach the destination, coaching institutes work as a guide.

On the top of it, the inter-linkages between the topics/subjects and forming opinions can be well guided by good teachers /mentors.

Also, Test Series is one of the indispensable part to assess our preparation and know about the requirement of any modifications. For that, it is necessary to join any ias coaching institute.

Coaching is not a must, but a mentor/teacher is a must.

There are so many websites and so much content online to help an individual prepare for civil services. But an aspirant faces much more problems at psychological/emotional level than at intellectual level.

Repeated failures, difficulty to cope up with the competitors in an urban area, alienation from family and friends, etc are some of the challenges of an IAS aspirant. (best analog ias faculty helps you in many ways, do not miss it.)

What the coaching institutes do - is an attempt to solve these issues as well. They create a community of aspirants/friends from similar field, a place to grow, an atmosphere of dedicated aspirants for group-study and it helps you find your inspiration/mentor.

Education is a blend of technology with human touch. That human touch is given by a teacher/mentor.