Ias Preparation Strategy by Toppers


UPSC is India’s toughest exam to crack but people made it possible through their dedication and hard work. This exam is so much competition and 10 to 12 lakhs students sit in the examination to fight for their seats which is only 1000 available. And all the UPSC toppers have admitted this fact that hard work is the only way to get the UPSC. So you must make a strategy for the better outcome and you will have to work according to that during the time of preparation.UPSC toppers have maintained their separate strategies.

Toppers Preparation Strategy For IAS 


Hard work and determination

Hard work and determination are add- ons and there is no replacement for these two. So you will have to set your mind accordingly. While preparing for this exam you will have to be your big motivator because there will be no one who will be coming to save you from the hard work.

Check out syllabus

Now you really should understand the syllabus pretty well before starting it because only then you will be able to understand how much you to study and how you would complete syllabus.


After understanding your syllabus you must be ready to work hard on a regular basis because continuity will bring you result and it is every much necessary that you get committed to your studies for some month. There should not be anyone between you and your study.  And it is every compulsory that the aspirants of UPSC must know what to read and what to avoid at least till the exam.

Mock test

There is no substitute of mock test and your preparation is also incomplete without it. Because when you practice previous papers you get to understand about your own preparation more you will be able to know your weak areas and strong areas.  And if you are not able to join any institute then you must join online portal test series programmes for strengthening your preparation. 

And you will have to practice Mock Test papers for both of your Prelims and Mains. Because it is mandatory from both the perspective while practicing for prelims you will be able to trace your mistakes and while doing the same for mains it will help you in improving writing skills.

UPSC toppers strategy

Role of self notes

You may refer other materials but there is no competition than making own notes. Almost all the toppers have made their own notes and they even told the advantages of it because it also helps you in understanding things in a more better way. But it also depends on how much early you have started preparing if you have enough months then you can do it but if you have only 3 to 4 months then you can make it even on the system.

Cross check the authentic resources

There are so many YouTube channels and websites who would guide you for preparing for UPSC but then you must know to single out the authentic one. CBSE books have been referred by so many toppers and they said it works if you study even them sincerely it will work.  There are sources like Pib websites, publication division books, AIR News analysis and Yojana Magazine which are government sources.

Consequences of Regular revisions

If you want to crack from toughest to easy exams ‘revision is the only mantra’ for that, a proper revision of studied things help you to be extraordinary in the examination. Now revision depends upon your strategy that how much you time you keep for your revision. But before the prelims, you should keep time in your hands so that at least you could revise four times.

Time management is the key factor for IAS preparation

Now, this is very important because even if you follow up all the steps and you do not learn how to manage time then all your efforts will be in vain.  You should be smart about using your time because we all have equal time and toppers do not any different thing they do things differently.

Keep your routine productive

This is very necessary if you keep it light by targeting your topics for the day rather than studying for hours and hours it will be like torturing yourself and you do not have to strict about other things you may do things you love but only you complete your target of the day.

Practice for Interview

This is also an important part which needed to be mentioned because the interview is not about your knowledge test it is more about your personality test. So if you want you may take guideline for this and mentors who may truly guide you for Interview preparation. 

PS - This is so important while you are preparing for your preparation you must keep faith in yourself no matter what people tell you; you must be very faithful towards your preparation.  The outside hurdles are just a moment but inside hurdles must need to be conquered and while preparing to keep your positive attitude on because you are going to sit in such examination where your personality is also being checked out. So you will have to teach yourself from the day you prepare your examination. And most important if you are preparing for the exam then it does not mean you will have to cloister yourself instead do the things which make you happy, light and confident but keep the target in front of you and then do everything that makes you happy.  And if you feel tensioned then you can share along with your friends or family member rather than keeping things on the mind so that it makes you light. Repeating it again this exam is all about enjoying your journey rather than torturing yourself after all you are also a human and you are also allowed to enjoy your life rather than packing yourself in a room. Enjoy walks and music but then enjoy your studies too.  And one more thing keeps on changing your strategy when you feel you need to change that but prefer target studies rather than hours.