ANALOG IAS Academy is Going Online in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak

The world is currently facing an enormous outbreak of a coronavirus type - COVID-19 which has infected thousands of people across the globe with a large number of casualties as a direct result of this outbreak. What started in Wuhan, China has quickly escalated into a global disease outbreak spanning continents and infecting more and more people by the day. The situation has deteriorated significantly which is evident from the fact that the WHO has declared this massive outbreak as a global pandemic, which is an alarming situation.

As more and more people are now staying indoors and working from home, Also, the government has issued a directive to keep the schools, colleges, and educational institutions closed till March 31, till it becomes safe to venture outside without fear again.

Being a responsible institution, we are complying with the directives issued by the authorities and offline classes have been suspended, keeping in mind the safety and health of our students. Having said that, we are also committed to keeping the learning and training going ahead as civil services’ preparations are crucial for our talented students’ careers and future.

Since Analog IAS Academy already has an online presence with a ready infrastructure to deliver courses and tests remotely, we shall be taking our regular classes, sessions, test series, Q&A sessions online so that not even a day of our students’ study routine goes unattended. Our faculty members will remain available online throughout this time and can be contacted for assistance and study-related queries. Students can log in to our portal (Android App, iOS App) to access their courses, lectures, and other study material.

IAS Analog Academy is committed to preparing its students for competitive examinations which would shape the careers of our budding minds. We would like to extend our hand and ask of the students to actively take part in this exercise and continue their quest for a great career.