The obstacles faced by a Civil Services examination aspirant  were made crystal clear in the recently concluded Prelims and Mains examination. Too many students are stumped by the variety , diversity and complexity of the questions that are being asked. But it is not the case that all are unsuccessful. 

“So , what separates the successful from the rest ? What separates the grain from the chaff? “

In order to bridge the gaps we have diligently designed a program that caters to the specific needs of the UPSC aspirants in the form of an INTENSIVE MENTORING PROGRAM for 2020 PRELIMS & MAINS EXAMINATION. The program focuses on well crafted , small and regular tests wherein every student will be guided by a designated mentor.

  • Duration of the program will be 12 months.
  • 3 tests of 4-5  questions each will be conducted every week.
  • A revision test consisting of 10 questions and 1 Essay will be conducted fortnightly ( Syllabus of Past two weeks ).
  • The tests are designed in such a manner that the  topics are grouped and organically linked to each other. 
  • At the end of program, students would have covered  200+ tests, and would have written more than 50 Essays.
  • After every test, an in-class discussion by Mentors and Subject experts will be conducted,where every question from the test paper would be analyzed in multiple dimensions , empowering the student to tackle any question.  
  • Mentors will be available for the clarification of the doubts of the aspirants.
  • The Tests includes General Studies and Optionals.
  • Program will have 2 rounds of MAINS preparation and 1 round of PRELIMS preparation by May 2020.

Who can apply?
  • Students who have been preparing/appearing for the UPSC examination for more than a year.
Selection procedure?
  • Limited number of candidates will be selected based on a WRITTEN TEST followed by an INTERVIEW.
  • The written test would comprise of 10 descriptive style question to test your aptitude, flair and knowledge level. 

Facilities provided?
  • Library and Reading Room.
  • Amenities 
  • A nominal fee of ₹2,500/- (Two Thousand rupees only) per month will be charged only for the amenities provided and the rest of the program is free of cost .

  • Commitment for the entire duration of the program and sincerity in writing all the tests
  • Any student who is absent for 3  tests would be discontinued.
  • A review of  performance of every student will be conducted at the end of every month based on our performance indicators. If an aspirant under performs, his membership will be subject to revision.
  • Students are expected to study in the Reading room provided. 
At the end of the program, every student will be tested comprehensively in the entire  General Studies syllabus through 200+ tests. A student would be prepared to tackle questions through well honed analytical mind.   All in all, a student would be trained for the Mains Examination 2020 before the Prelims itself. 

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