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  1. Extremely high scoring: If you get your maths optional right then you will make it to the final list.
  2. Certainty: If you have attempted your paper well then you are sure that you will get good marks. For example this year just by attempting 400 marks paper you could get a decent 260+ marks. Even if you don't get good marks in first attempt you can be sure that you will increase your marks in subsequent attempt.
  3. Fun: Mathematics is a delightful subject and therefore doing maths takes you away from somewhat boring humanities.
  4. Good Impression: The fact that you have taken Maths makes a good impression on interview board members. They are very pleased to see that you have opted for a tough optional.
  5. Easy paper: The difficulty level of paper is quite moderate and almost all questions are directly picked from the standard textbooks.

What you will learn

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About Instructor

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Srikanth Vinnakota

Director(ANALOG IAS), Author of General Studies Manual for TSPSC Exams(Mc Graw Hill Publishers), India's No:1 Faculty for MATHEMATICS

Subjects: Mathematics (Optional)

New Batches

starts : July 17,2017

Duration : 4 months

Class Timings : 09:30AM - 12:00PM Mon to Fri 09:30AM - 12:00PM

Branch : Hyderabad : Ashok Nagar

Seats Available : 20 Remaining

Course Price :36000

starts : June 24,2017

Duration : 6 months

Class Timings : 02:30PM -- 07:30PM
Sat to Sun 02:30PM -- 07:30PM

Branch : New Delhi

Seats Available : 30 Remaining

Course Price :48875